European Apostolic Summit in Austria

European Apostolic Summit in Austria

European Apostolic Summit will organize THE SECOND AUSTRIAN FIVEFOLD MINISTRY GATHERING will be online, by Zoom, Saturday 14th of November starting 2pm, and ending about 4pm. If you are called to any of the fivefold ministry offices in Austria you are welcome to join this gathering; please register to Päivi Heikkilä by email before 31st of October.

European Apostolic Summit is an initiative for governmental reformation in the Church of Christ in Europe. This is a Round Table working group by invitation only; if you minister in apostolic or prophetic calling in Europe, you are welcome to contact us for an invitation. Please, send your mail to or use the contact form at this homepage.

The purpose is to seek the Lord on how to work together for restoring back the governmental model of the early church (the cooperation of apostles, prophets with shepherds), and the ministry of the five fold gifts the Lord has given to His Body (Eph. 4:10-16).

The time has come for apostles and prophets to build the living Temple of Jesus Christ to the full measure of the stature of Christ, to a perfect man. This demands collaboration of all the five offices with the Lord in the nations of Europe. You are welcome to join this great work!

There will be open national Fivefold Ministry Gatherings organized by the EAS with local minstries in different European countries in the future, in order to get the model of Eph. 4:10-16 in place. These 5F gatherings will bring together those called to the five fold ministry, for them to connect for their possible collaboration in their country. They are called to prepare the saints for the work of the Gospel, and thus to build the Body of Christ to the full measure.

There is no certain model how this will take place in each nation, but the Holy Spirit is leading as we come together to get to know each other, and to seek the Lord and His plans. The time of lonely riders are over! Now is the time to come together under the Head to seek His will, and place our gifts together for cooperation, as the work is so huge, even in one nation, that no one ministry can do it alone. The Lord is calling His leaders in Europe, and in your country to humble ourselves for common work lead by Him. Please, contact us for the Lord's plans!