END TIME DECEPTION AND TRIBULATION > join the END TIME ARMY to pray for the people to wake up, and to receive salvation in Jesus!

    The end time will be like the time of Noah, when all kind of corruption took place with the DNA mixed of fallen angels, humans and animals. After that God locked the fallen angels, who had sinned with the daughters of men (Genesis 6) to the Abyss until the very time of end, when they will be released again, this time to execute God's wrath on earth. It will be terrible time. The book of Revelation tells us how most part of the people will die in all the different catastrophes that will come on earth. After the fall of Lucifer and his angels they have been focusing to rule over the earth in the end time, and to destroy the people. For this reason Satan has been working in secret societies, like Freemasonry, Rosicrusians, Illuminati, Knigths of Templars, Jesuits and other, in order to create New World Order with one world government, and universal church of all religions combined.

    80 % of the small elite of different fields of society, the politics, economics, education, media, health care and so forth, belongs to these secret societies, and they also gather together in their professional clubs and organizations, to push forward their plans to take over the world with one government of their own. The wealth of the world is almost totally in their hands already, and as they get their cashless society, and the chip placed in humans, they are ready to rule. They will be able to get full control of the people through the chip, not only concerning buying and selling, but also by knowing everything about them, and their lives. 

    Pope Francis has already called the leaders and other representatives of different religions to agree that they all have same god, and share same faith. This declaration has been signed with at least the Muslims, Mormons, Hindus and Catholics. Also several Christian leaders have met the pope, seemingly not understanding what he is up to. This will be the harlot church, as the apostasy is spreading and deepening. Orthodox Jews are also heading to the antichristian time by planning to soon start sacrificing animals in the third temple, they are eager to build as soon as possible. This temple will finally be the place the Antichrist to proclaim himself to be god. At the same time there are news that the Qumran cave will get permission to be opened before the end of this year. If so, it's possible that the tabernacle of Moses/David which is expected to be found there, will be raised up on the Temple Mount rather easily, because the Muslims are joining the one world church, as well as the Jews.

    Things are also heading towards the Noahide laws to be taken into practice during the end time, so that the Sanhedrin can give a death sentence to those who commit idolatry, that is to those who believe Jesus Christ is Messiah, Savior, the Anointed One.

    All these things are planned and carried out in secret, without people really realizing what is going on, until it is too late already to do anything to hinder them. This has been possible as the main media is under the control of the ruling elite. 


    We, the living Body of Jesus Christ, the Remnant, those who are not deceived, but awake seeing and understanding what is happening, have to take action in prayer, and reveal the schemes of the devil. We need to awake people, and to save as many as possible from falling to the trap of Satan in believing his lies, and taking the mark of the beast to their wrist or forehead.


      I'm calling you to join me in prayer for the BABYLON CODE book to be published as a movie and a TV - series for tens of millions of people to be awakened to the truth. The Babylon Code is a bestseller book in USA, and the writers Troy Anderson and Paul McGuire have been interviewed in several Christian TV- and radio shows.

    If you are willing to give some of your time and effort to this important movie and TV project, which for sure is from the Lord, please contact me by paivi.heikkila@kingsministries.fi, so I will add you to the End Time Army to get Troy's prayer requests once a month by a group email (notice, that your name or email will not be seen in the mails, only the group email address “End Time Army”).

    See more about them at the Prophecy Investigators: Uncovering the Truth in the End Times (www.prophecyinvestigators.org). In the attached picture here Troy on the left and Paul on the right.

    You can order the book by Amazon, it's really worth of reading, and will give you much facts and trustful information about the end time. Troy Anderson is a Pulitzer Prize-Nominated Journalist and Bestselling Author, an executive Editor of Charisma Magazine, and a former reporter of Los Angeles Daily News. About Paul McGuire you can find at http://www.paulmcguire.us and at http://www.paradisemountainchurch.org.

    The time to really do our best is now at hand! Take the challenge, rise up to your full potential in Him, by the help of the Holy Spirit! Show to the Lord your love and faithfulness!

    It's soon NOW OR NEVER to take serious action on earth!