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King's Ministries palvelutiimi

King's Ministries palvelutiimi

Caro Keinänen ja Maarit Savikko laulavat ja soittavat King's Praise - ylistysryhmässä, joka palvelee myös muissa kuin King's Ministries tilaisuuksissa, mm. Tv7 Rukous Suomen puolesta - ohjelmissa. Carolla on psalmistan armoitus, ja hän on saanut useita lauluja, jopa suoraan eri tilaisuuksissa, Herralta.

Maarit ja Caro palvelevat musiikin lisäksi profeetallisilla lahjoillaan ja voitelullaan. Maarit vastaa King's Ministries - työssä käytännön tehtävistä.  Molemmat ovat olleet King's Ministries-palvelutyössä 20 vuotta. 

Kuvissa vasemmalta Maarit Savikko ja Caro Keinänen


King's Ministries Initiatives/Co-operations

King's Ministries Initiatives/Co-operations


King's Ministries Initiative for governmental reformation in the Body of Christ in Europe. Restoring back the governmental model and customs of the early Church; co-operation of apostles, prophets and elders (Acts 15 and 16) and the ministry of the Fivefold Offices, apostles, prophets, evangelists, shepherds and teachers to equip the saints for the work of the Gospel, to build up the Body of Christ according Eph. 4:10-16. Until the Lord has His Bride blameless and holy, without any spot or wrinkle.

European Apostolic Summits are Round Table gatherings (by invitation only, please contact if you consider yourself as one of those called to this reformation task) of apostles, prophets and elders for Europe. EAS gatheres few times per year. EAS organizes Fivefold MInistry Conferences in European countries, 5FM Conrerences are open for all those called to these offices or to those ministries.

European Apostolic Summit Team plans the European Apostolic Summits and the 5FM Conferences. Members are:

Anderson Williams (Trinidad and Tobago)President and founder of Interface Global, Founder of the Global Round Table (GRT) and one of fouders of Basileia Learning Space (BLS), @andersonrwill at Twitter, andersonrwilliams@gmail.com  

Adrian Lowe (UK)                                                          adrian@lovedudley.org.uk                                                                                           Love Dudley Coordinator for ‘Together for Dudley’-transformation with local congregations

David Loula (Czech)                                                      david.loula@kristovatrouba.cz                                                                          President of the Czech Wells Association. Author of the books "Czech Wells",The Well of Love for Truth" and "Jan Hus Quotations Book". Preacher of the Christian Community in Zdar

Hany Soryal                                                                   hany@GlobalLeadershipSymposium.com                                                              CEO of Global Thrive Group, Founder of the Global Leadership Symposium (https://www.globalleadershipsymposium.com).

Päivi Heikkilä (Finland)                                                 paivi.heikkila@kingsministries.fi                                                                                      Founder of King’s Ministries (www.kingsministries.fi). Initiator for European Prayer Army for Cities, Finland Gatherings and European Apostolic Summits. Author of books “The Lord Will Give You the City” and “The Fivefold Ministry and the Church”.


The Lord called Päivi Heikkilä in 2017 to start Finland Gatherings for the Body of Christ to come together few times per year from all denominations as a family of God to build up the unity and love within the Body, and to seek together Lord's plans for His Church as well as for the nation of Finland. This initiative belongs to the international Gathering - vision and Finland Gathering is in connection with the Global Gathering Family (www.watchmen.org). John Lowndes from Canada is the contact person for the Global connections, as well as Nigel Reid from Ireland.

Finland Gathering Team plans and organizes the national Gatherings. Lappland Gatherings are coordinated by Sofia and Roger Aittoniemi at the Lappland Christian Center. They have their own team in connection with the national team. Members of the Finland Gathering team:

Peter and Pia Hackzell, Pastors of  ESY Church in Helsinki                                                                                                                       

Esko Hakulinen, Pastor in City Church in Helsinki                                                                                                                                       

Aarne Nurmio, Bible teacher, Christian Business man                                                                                                                               

Heikki Hilvo, Bible teacher, former Lutheran Pastor                                                                                                                                   

Andrei Hinkonen, Pastor of SILA Church Finland                                                                                                                                         

Päivi Heikkilä, Founder of King's Ministries