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    BACK TO THE ROOTS  by Gerhard Schmitzer

    BACK TO THE ROOTS by Gerhard Schmitzer

    LORD JESUS IS BRINGING GOVERNMENTAL REFORMATION TO HIS CHURCH TODAY; We have to go back to the roots; to the first deeds of His Church, and to the model of the early church!

    Presentation at the AUSTRIAN 5FM GATHERING – March 20th, 2021 by Gerhard Schmitzer

    1 New Wine & New Wineskin (Challenges to leave the old and move into the new or back to the roots)

    2 Back to the roots because …

    · most Christians live in a religious system (pastoral/clerical) not according to the NT-pattern.

    · today´s church has little impact in the spirit realm and in the physical world.

    · the present church system is a phase-out model (old wine-skin).

    3 Inventory

    · Estimated 2-3% of the population are believers in Jesus Christ in our region (free churches, Catholics, Lutherans, …). It might be valid for all of Austria.

    · 98% of them are asleep and without a vision.

    · The pastoral/clerical system made Christians to consumers of grace (What can God do for me?)

    · The gospel of forgiveness prevails: “God loves you and forgives your sins” thus creating shallow conversions, prolonged or never-ending babyhood or handicapped Christians.

    · A subtle control-spirit (religious spirit) holds people down.

    · There is hardly any preaching of the kingdom, the Lordship of Christ, of the power of the cross and discipleship.

    · Some use cell-groups but in those the spirit of the old system, the old wine continues on. Some churches experienced in the Alpha-Course the benefits of small groups but it didn´t change the old wineskin.

    · Leaders build their own house (conditioned by tradition.

    4 Ready to move

    · Prophetic voices focus again on the kingdom (awakening & harvest)

    “Make Jesus great again!” See the power, authority and glory of the risen Christ and see the devil defeated.

    · Have a David like heart - he desired God´s glory more than anything else.

    · Learn to pray in the courts of heaven to win the legal battle against the rulers of darkness, against principalities and powers in the heavenlies.

    · Find like-minded people and walk in the light as He is in the light.

    5 Overcome the downward pull

    · “Abide in the Lord” and “love one another”.

    · A deep “prayer life” and “fighting the good fight of faith” are needed to take the promised land.

    · Shift from a “church-style” to a “life-style” with Christ.

    · Find God´s way to resist the house of Saul (old wine).

    6 Take the land

    · Have a clear vision of the NT-pattern and the 5FM and be led by the Holy Spirit.

    · Prayer ad get connected with likeminded Christians (relationships).

    · Start with living cell groups - either within the church (demonstrate new wine and a new wineskin) or start from scratch.

    · Have in mind your region and the city for a possible future 5FM hub.